About Us

The Rowan Boland Memorial Trust was established in May 2010 in memory of Rowan Boland, an enthusiastic and talented young sportsman from the Scottish Borders.

The main aim of the Trust is to support enthusiastic youngsters, showing potential, to compete at School, Club, Regional, National or International Level. 

About Rowan

Rowan was a lively, energetic nine-year-old boy from Galashiels in the Scottish Borders. A keen and enthusiastic sportsman who, even at his young age, had already played representative cricket for the Borders Under 11's. He would undoubtably have had many opportunities to progress in his sport of choice as he grew older. Sadly, these opportunities were taken from him, as he tragically died on 19th April 2010, whilst playing at Gala Cricket Club.

In the weeks and months following the loss of Rowan, it was clear that many of those who were close to him were dedicated to doing what they could to ensure his memory lived on. A few of those people now run the Rowan Boland Memorial Trust. The naming of the trust ensuring that Rowan will be long remembered, and he will leave a legacy across many sports in the Scottish Borders.

Rowan would have fallen into the category of ‘an athlete who showed huge potential’ and would have been a worthy recipient of assistance from such an organisation. Not only would Rowan have made the most of the benefits of such support, but he would have continued to enjoy his journey as a young sportsman, and we would have gained just as much enjoyment from watching him succeed.

A tribute to Rowan

The day we said goodbye to Rowan was heart-breaking and unimaginably hard, however the words shared by those in attendance at the service express what Rowan meant to so many people. It is through this Trust and these words that Rowan will be remembered.

About the Trustees, Patrons & Committee

The dedicated volunteers who offer their time to the organisation, undertaking various roles, are essential to the ongoing success of the Trust and we would like to express our thanks to each and every one.

Our Trustees

Our Trustees provide the governance required to operate as a charity, delivering on our ambition to support aspiring young sportspeople.

  • David Boland
  • Elaine Boland
  • Kristin Boland
  • George Henry
  • Wilma Henry
  • Stephen Halls
  • Keith Irvine
  • John McBay
  • Kristopher Mein

Our Committee

Our Committee are responsible for the day to day management of the charity.

  • David Boland (Chairperson)
  • Eileen Ramage (Secretary)
  • Wilma Henry (Treasurer)
  • Elaine Boland
  • Kristin Boland
  • Euan Dodds
  • Alan Emond
  • Stephen Halls
  • George Henry
  • Keith Irvine
  • Ross Lindsay
  • Shirley Marr
  • John McBay
  • Kristopher Mein
  • Struan Mitchell
  • Kenny Paterson
  • Douglas Wilson

Our Patrons

Like all charities, we rely on the continued commitment made by our patrons.

  • Dave, Elaine & Kristin Boland
  • Margaret Burrell
  • Alan Henry
  • Bruce Henry
  • George & Wilma Henry
  • Jim & Kath Mulligan
  • Mr & Mrs Chic Playfair
  • Dave Hancock & Wendy Turner

Honorary Patrons

As the title suggests, we are honoured to include a host of internationally acclaimed sportspeople from across the Scottish Borders, representing a variety of sports, as our honorary patrons. Over the years, we hope to add Trust Alumni to this list.

  • John Collins
  • Mike Dods
  • Danny Galbraith
  • Stuart Hogg
  • Samantha Kinghorn
  • Greig Laidlaw
  • Ryan Mania
  • Chris Paterson
  • Gregor Townsend

Become a Patron

Help us to raise funds for the Trust and support young athletes. Donations from as little as £10 are more than welcome and gratefully received.