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The Trust recognises the ever increasing financial burden of training and competing at the higher end of sport and offers financial assistance to juniors who have shown proven ability in their sport.  The main aim of the Trust is to support enthusiastic youngsters, showing potential, to compete at Representative Level.

Supporting Young Sportspeople

Support for Young Sportspeople Living in the the Scottish Borders

The journey of a sportsperson from amateur to professional takes drive, determination, commitment and conviction. More than that, it also requires unwavering support from a network of family, friends, teachers, teammates coaches and funders.

Funding is the often-overlooked aspect of an athlete’s journey, with equipment, clothing, club subs, travel and competition entry fees all too quick in mounting up. We believe that no young person should be denied the opportunity to compete at the higher end of their chosen sport as a result of financial constraints, so we offer financial assistance to the aspiring young sportspeople of the Scottish Borders who show potential. The contribution we make will ease the financial burden, allowing them, and their support network, to focus on the important aspects such as training, developing, competing and winning.

Supporting Sports Develop

Support to Develop Youth Sport in the TD1 Postal District

Sports clubs are a vital aspect in the fabric of our local community, with both mainstream and minority clubs teaching not only sport, but also providing broader developmental opportunities and a positive social network for our young people. However, clubs also have financial constraints that are, all too often, at the forefront of the minds of those who run the organisation – these people often being volunteers.

We believe the energy and effort of the coaches and those who provide other services needed to run a club, should be mirrored with that of the commitment and conviction of the athlete. Everyone should be able to focus on the sport, not be worrying about the finances of the club. For this reason, we encourage local sports groups, clubs, schools or associations within the TD1 area to apply for financial assistance in developing youth sport.

Who Can Apply?

We welcome applications from aspiring athletes, under the age of 18 years, who are competing at School, Club, Regional or National level. Athletes can be involved in any sport, from the mainstream, like football, rugby and athletics, to the less well known minority sports such as archery and fencing.

Where we support

With a population of approximately 115,000 people, the Scottish Borders has always punched above its weight in terms of producing sporting heroes (just take a look at our Honorary Patrons list!). Our aim is to support this legacy by funding individuals from across the region.

We also support sports clubs, the foundation of sports development, within the TD1 postal district.

TD1 postcode map

What Funding is Available?

As Trustees, we operate the award scheme to help support the development of young sportspeople who are competing at School, Club, Regional, National or International Level.

We will consider a variety of support requests including those for competition costs out with the athlete's normal competition or training schedule, travel costs, accommodation, specialist equipment and training courses and Awards of up to 50% of the total claim, up to a maximum of the amounts listed below, is available.

  • £500 for Team GB Athletes selected by NGB
  • £300 for International Level Athletes selected by SGB
  • £250 for Regional Athletes selected by the relevant organisation
  • £150 for Club Performers seeking to attend a development activity
  • £75 for School Performers seeking to attend a development-related activity

Please note that terms and conditions apply. Applications will be assessed on this basis; full details are given in our guidance notes below.

After the Award

Sharing the positive stories about the young sportspeople and clubs we support is very important to the Trust. Not only does this help us with future fundraising by allowing both fundraisers and fund givers the opportunity to see the value of their time and money, but this is also hugely important for building Rowan’s legacy.

We ask that, as part of receiving an award, all successful applicants submit feedback on the impact the support gave by completing this simple form, within 6 months of the award date.

Making an Application

Our aim is to support as many individuals and clubs as possible and to make the process as simple and as quick as is feasible. We will consider a variety of support requests including those for competition costs out with the athlete's normal competition or training schedule, travel costs, accommodation, specialist equipment and training courses.

If you would like to submit an application, as an individual or a club, you can download our application form here. Applications can be submitted at any time and our Trustees meet on a monthly basis to review submissions before making awards four times per year.

Please remember, we can only accept applications submitted on the official form and that have been completed in full (including all required signatures by a National Governing Body representative or teacher).


What Happens Next?

If your application is successful, we will write to you, confirming the amount awarded.

Application Forms


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